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Europe Regional Edmund Optics Educational Award Finalist for the proposal: 2017 Edmund Optics Educational Award Finalist (

Since Jan ’04 – Sep ‘16

Visiting researcher at Manchester University, School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, PARC grant. Work involves studies on Martian meteorites (use of a prototype TOF-SIMS and of other techniques).

Jan ‘90 – Sep ‘93

My PhD studies have been financially supported by the Greek State Scholarships Foundation, 14 Lysicrates St., GR-105 58 Athens, Greece.

Mar ‘97

Grant from British Council to support travelling and accommodation expenses to Manchester University England, UK. During my stay, research on “Oxygen isotopic analyses on secondary carbonate minerals of a Martian meteorite” has been performed with the group of Isotope Geochemistry of the Dept. Of Earth Sciences (See abstract Saxton et al, 1997).