• Original work on Martian meteorites:
    • First discovery of siderite carbonates and evaporitic minerals in a Martian meteorite.
    • First δ18O measurements on Martian carbonates.
    • “Feature article” discovering biomorphic clays in Martian meteorites, also showing friendly to life conditions on recent Mars (Chatzitheodoridis et al, 2014). Cover page on, and Press release from the Astrobiology journal (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers). Extensive international media coverage (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Official Scientific Internet Newspapers and Blogs, etc.).
  • More than 85 peer reviewed publications, extensive teaching material in the area of Micro- and Nanotechnologies, Photonics, Mineralogy & Petrology, Astrobiology, Instrumental Methods for Analyses of Natural and Technological materials, Service analytical work and reporting for private companies on Petrology, Mineralogy, and Ore Deposits.
  • Organiser of the 2018 NoR HGT – LUCA Conference, Eugenides Foundation, 4-5-6 November 2018, Athens.
  • Organiser of the EANA16 (European Astrobiology Network Association) Conference in Athens
  • Co-organiser of the 2017 NoR HGT – LUCA Conference in the UK (Open University, Milton Keynes)
  • 2017 Edmund Optics Educational Award Finalist (