• Multidisciplinary research and development work in areas involving state-of-the-art technologies
  • Original work on semi-automated handling and assembly with pattern recognition for MEMS and optical devices in the micro- and nano-scale, materials science, photonics, geo/cosmochemistry (isotope geology) and IST Technologies.
  • First to discover and publish siderite carbonates in a Martian meteorite, also Mn-Fe carbonates of the highest δ18O value known in carbonates.
  • Publication of a “feature article” (Chatzitheodoridis et al, 2014) with cover page of the journal, which received extensive international media coverage (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Official Scientific internet Newspapers and Blogs etc.). Press release from the Astrobiology journal and from Manchester University.
  • More than sixty peer reviewed publications, large amount of teaching material in the area of Micro- and Nanotechnologies, Mineralogy & Petrology, Astrobiology, Instrumental Methods for Analyses of Natural and Technological materials, and on Ore Deposits.
  • Successful submission of proposals for national and EU projects have provided to my institutes additional financial resources and new appointments for researchers. Development of concepts for new products and projects for industrial R&D.
  • Organiser of the EANA16 (European Astrobiology Network Association) Conference in Athens, and co-organiser of the NoR HGT – LUCA Conference in the UK.